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I hired Mrs. Bryan as legal council for a child custody case I found myself battling. I was scared, anxious, and very ignorant as to exactly how I was going to fight for my rights as a mother. Mrs. Bryan was recommended to me by my previous attorney in Thomasville, Georgia. In the beginning of my case, I had only spoken with Mrs. Bryan by phone conference. Upon our very first conversation, I felt more at ease simply by her calming nature. By the end of that conversation, I knew I had a fighter on my side. During the time I worked with Mrs. Bryan, I discovered her passion for and determination in her position as attorney for the heartwrenching battle I was enduring. I watched as she sustained many of the punches thrown our way, in defense of my stand as mother and provider of my son. This was not just her job. Her compassion for me and my situation radiated more and more with each day of our case. Although she was my attorney, I truly felt that I had also been given a great friend. My natural independence had faltered as I came to realize the strong reliance I had developed upon her. I knew that she had become my rock during this case, and that I could not make it through without her. Today, I mention her often. Mrs. Bryan, although she may not be fully aware, was and still is, a true miracle in my life. Through her wit, strong will and determination, my son was returned to me safe and sound. Mrs. Bryan fought for me as if she were fighting for her own flesh and blood. From past experience, I am able to say that that isn't found every day. I recommend her to anyone and everyone going through one of life's battles, in need of council. She is strong, powerful, compassionate, promising, and will stand beside you through every storm. Luck was not what brought Mrs. Bryan into my life, it was the unwaivering hand of God. I am forever grateful to Mrs. Bryan and very honored to have worked with her.

Amber L. Duncan

My case was a bit more complex than a typical custody situation. I had an uninvolved birth mother and a Grandmother that had filled in for parental responsibilities for several years. After legitimating and receiving secondary custody, I found that even though settings were well intentioned they were lacking the stability that I wanted for my daughter. I decided to seek full custody and permanent placement for her in my home. Debra Bryan came highly recommended for her knowledge and execution of the law. Legal matters and court actions are intimidating at best but compounded with my lack of knowledge this was a scary decision given that the outcome would effect several lives. Ms. Bryan was an attentive and accessible attorney. She not only took the time to explain matters in terms that were easy to understand, but was available to ease fears and talk us through spells of no news. I found her availability as invaluable as her expertise in law. Debra's dedication to finding solutions that are appropriate and fair provided me with all the protection that a father is entitled to under the Law as well as pave the way for a working relationship with the maternal Grandmother for the best interest of my daughter. It was comforting to have my rights under GA and the National Constitution explained clearly but it was a relief when Debra successfully had them acknowledged and protected in a court of law. My daughter now lives in my home and I have full custody. Ms. Bryan did not stop there but also acted on my behalf in working out visitation arrangements for the maternal Grandmother to legally protect her involvement in my daughter's life. Debra’s mediation paved the way for us to work together for the stability and emotional health of my daughter. The Grandmother now enjoys liberal visitations due to a healthy working relationship and not a court order. I consider myself to be quite fortunate given the accounts and experiences of other fathers. I attribute my success and peace of mind through this transition to the genuine concern and the dedication of my attorney, Debra Bryan.

Joshua Silver

Mrs. Bryan probated the estate of my late husband. During this process she was very considerate to my needs during a difficult time for me and my family. She was professional but very accessible. Mrs. Bryan guided me through the legal process and I was very pleased with how her office handled my case. I now feel that I have an attorney that will take care of my legal needs and I will use her for any additional issues I may have in the future. I recommend her to all my friends and family

Bobbie Grover